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G138AT Thrust bearing

The Gielle Michell bearing is the upshot of 30 years of Meccanica Librandi experience in the manufacture of thrust bearings. It features, designed to combine endurance of high axial loads with versatility and practicality, make it lead product among water-lubricated hydrodynamic bearing for submersible pump motors.

The ANKER riveted-pin patented system, simple and innovative, ensures the free floating of the pads on the balls, thus always keeping these in circular position.

Further advantages of Gielle bearings:

  • Single code: to cut management cost
  • ease of assembly: fitting and replacing of the bearing even with the motor in horizontal position and in structurally uncomfortable places
  • reduced overall dimension: avoiding the use of pad housing cage it is possible to increase the working surface reducing overall design dimensions
  • cooling: the ANKER system gives the Michell a high heat dispersion structure

The restriking, the lapping an dpolishing after the assembling, give the bearing the flatness and eoughness required to favor the formation of the lubrication wedgr right from the first revolution of the motor.

The wide dimensional range can match every motor power and size; the different types of floating bases make
Gielle Bearing compatible with every motor design, with both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.

All our products are packed in cardboard boxes for an easy stocking in the warehouse.
The polyethylene bag protects against oxidation, even during sea shipments.
Every box is labeled and contains instructions for the installation.

gielle thrust bearing packaging

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