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Thrust Discs


The Green solution for your motor

D-138 Disc

When coupled with the bearing, the Gielle Rotating Thrust Plates are designed to ensure an excellent hydrodinamic effect and withstand exceptional axial thrust.

surface in contact with the thrust bearing features a defined flatness to facilitate water lubrication, and is carefully ground and polished.

producion systems and rigorous quality controls allow stayng within the very strict tolerance fields of perpendicularity and parallelism that are required for the efficiency of the bearing lubricating wedge and to avoid vibrations.

Gielle rotating plates are adaptable to any kind of submersible pump shaft, are available in various diameters and can be made, on request, in any size.

The self lubricating material employed is highly innovative: a resin-based compound of aramidic fibres with graphite and self-lubricating additives, bonded with technological polymers, developed by European research.
ecological, it replaces the harmful asbestos and antimony-based materials (such as antimony-impregnated graphite), nowadays strictly forbidden.
It is not subject to wear, nor is as fragile as graphite.

Some features of this synthetic compound are of major importance for the bearing. These include:

  • excellent self-lubrication allowing short periods of dry operation at start
  • ability to incorporate foreign particles that would damage the Michell
  • low abrasion, excellent sliding. High efficiency for an energy saving motor
  • excellent shock resistance, optimal for very deep wells and unstable power supply
  • electrical insulation to protect the motor from eddy currents
  • material's microporosity encurage lubricating film even at low speed and high loads
  • quality construction ensure low vibrations and noise, for a long life motor

The resin disc is firmly secured to the metal disc through an adhesive bonding. Special tratment grants high temperature resistance (over 90C).

Turned steel discs

  • Technical data and compound safety sheet Download

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